Mike Hernandez

Instructor: Mike Hernandez
 Digital Painting (ZoomCast)
Workshop: March 27, 28, 2021 (Sat-Sun)
This 2-day ONLINE workshop will be from 1pm to 6pm ET with an hour break at 3pm. 

Skill Level: Appropriate for all levels
Fee: $225

NOTE: This online class will be taught via Zoom. Students will have the opportunity to interact with Mike, watch his live demos, and receive instruction and limited feedback. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive instructions about how to access the class. To take this class, you need a microphone and camera-enabled computer OR an IPad/smart tablet OR a smartphone (android or IOS) and an internet connection.

Mike Hernandez will be doing his demo in Photoshop CS using the line tool, some simple textured and round brushes, erasers, and layers. Students may participate by following along using their own preferred app like Procreate or Heavy Paint.

A strong understanding of natural color and lighting is an important asset to any environment artist or fine art painter. In this 2-day gouache workshop, Mike Hernandez will share his methods for using Photoshop to develop painting compositions and designs. Through demo and lecture, he will show you how to address every aspect of your work, from value, composition design, shape and color hierarchies, paint texture, brushwork, and more. This 8-hour workshop is valuable for all artists, regardless of medium. An understanding of digital painting is desired but not necessary to participate since this class is more about a demonstration in composition, shape, color, and lighting design and much more through the use of a digital medium. This is a great workshop for anyone interested in painting and would like to learn how to capture a rich sense of natural lighting and color into their artworks, digital or traditional.

Mike is a fine art plein air, painter, and has been a Visual Development Artist/Production Designer and Art Director at DreamWorks Animation. Some of his past projects include Sinbad, Spirit, Over The Hedge, Shrek 4, Puss In Boots, Bee Movie, Monsters Vs Aliens, and Turbo.

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