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Distill Art with Us

The Art Distillery is located in the heart of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country, which gives it a unique flavor and atmosphere. We offer art classes and workshops with world-renowned instructors, providing rich learning experiences.


Rich Brimer is a painter, printmaker, and photographer.
Carol Henry is a fine art photographer and painter.
Together they’ve combined their efforts for over 13 years in making art magic.

Originally they worked together at Studio Channel Islands in Southern California. Then in 2013 opening our own art center and gallery in Carmel, California called Carmel Visual Arts. There—Rich developed Carmel Visual Arts into a workshop destination that has facilitated over 125 workshops with dozens of world-renowned artist instructors.

Carol organized and curated over 18 exhibitions in the Carmel Visual Arts gallery with notable artists and started a group for women photographers on the west coast. As well as acting as gallery director at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.

Kentucky in 2020

  • In late 2019, we purchased a 150-year-old house outside Springfield, KY to develop an art retreat and workshop destination called The Art Distillery. Our vision also includes music, literature, and performance.
  • We opened a luxurious Bed & Breakfast called Wildflower Ranch Inn.
  • The Covid pandemic occurred just 3 short months into our endeavor, presenting us with what we first experienced as stressful challenges but in hindsight opened us up to some real opportunities.
  • We had developed a 2019 workshop schedule with both past instructors from California including a distinguished painter from Lexington named Kathleen Hudson. We ended up having to postpone or cancel all of them as people just couldn’t gather or travel.


With the vaccine, life is returning and people want to venture out and travel and experience things that enhance their lives!

  • In 2021, we had two workshops scheduled at The Art Distillery.
    • Carol Henry led a workshop called Women’s Ordinary Magic in September 2021, a photography workshop that focused on inspiring and expanding the artistic eye and inspiration which women photographers have.
    • William Wray was to be with us in October 2021, however — COVID! Using the industrial landscape he deconstructs and interprets subjects into an interesting palette on canvas. He is a cultural influencer and icon of animation.
  • Carol curated two exhibitions affiliated with Louisville Photo Biennial. One at the Springfield Opera House of historic
    photographer Imogen Cunningham. And one of her own work at Wildflower Ranch Inn’s Gallery. Both opened in September 2021.
  • Since 2019 Rich has returned to California often to host coastal dozens of plein air workshops in Carmel. Many upcoming workshops still have open spaces and you can register online at carmelvisualarts.com
  • In August of 2022 we had Larry Moore at The Art Distillery for a wonderful 4-day workshop that had us all dreaming in abstracts.
  • Our Social Painting Classes have been well attended by local artsy folks. Be sure to look at the schedule if you want to get into one of our classes.
  • Contact Rich Brimer if you are interested in structured oil painting classes.
The Art Distillery