Dreams of Mr Lincoln

Kentucky Impressions by Rich Brimer

An art exhibit at Springfield Opera House Art Gallery
Springfield, Kentucky, Jan/Feb 2023

Postcard for Dreams of Mr. Lincoln art exhibit

Artist Statement

The majority of my life has been spent within an hour-long bicycle ride of the Pacific Ocean. When it came time to move to Kentucky, I knew I would be OK with leaving California, in exchange for the beautiful landscapes that surround us now. 

It was here in Springfield, KY that Abraham Lincoln’s parents were married. It is also here that his young life started. Throughout the years, young Abraham Lincoln no doubt often visited his relatives in Washington County. It is through his curious eyes—along Lincoln Run and beyond—that I look around and get inspired by the landscape that I see every day. Sometimes we can look without seeing. I hope you see something new as you look through this new collection of my paintings. 

I moved here with Carol Henry during the winter of 2019 — which is the time of year is that I visited Lincoln Homestead Park for the first time. This is also where my first local painting; “Lincoln Run” was inspired. 

However, the first paintings I made in Kentucky were created during a trip to this region just over 10 years ago. It was at the end of October during a particularly colorful autumn. Carol took me to Bernheim Forest, where I painted a quilt of many colors from the sky bridge. Then, I painted along Clear Creek in Rockcastle County.  I was astonished by the brilliance and diversity of fall leaves and berries.

Spring in Kentucky is robust with a great variety of native trees and various crops. My eyes are drenched with a diverse palette of green shades in every direction. The skies are nearly always filled with giant cloud formations that expand in the imagination. I am never without inspiration. People often ask if I miss California’s beaches and ocean. I look out to the Horizon with a smile and say; “I don’t miss California so much. I have this sea of green.”

Rich Brimer, January 2023
Springfield, Kentucky

1. “Snowy Creek” 8×10” Oil on Primed Birch Panel
2. “Mattingly Farm—Winter” 8×10” Oil on Primed Birch Panel
3. “Round Bales and Gray Skies” 12×16” Oil on Canvas Panel
4. “Sycamore Creek” 6×8” Oil on Belgian Linen
5. “Bernheim” 8×10” Oil on Primed Birch Panel
6. “Reflecting Kentucky—Autumn” 8×10” Oil on Primed Birch Panel
7. “Trail Shadows” 8×10” Oil on Canvas Panel
8. “Wood Betony” 8×10” Oil on Primed Birch Panel
9. “Creek Reflections” 18×24” Oil on Canvas Panel
10. “Blue Pool” 8×10” Oil on Primed Birch Panel
11. “Springfield Sunset” 8×10” Oil on Primed Birch Panel
12. “Harvest Time” 16×20” Oil on Canvas Panel
13. “Round Bales and Blue Skies” 12×16” Oil on Canvas Panel
14. “Lincoln Run” 16×20” Oil on Canvas
15. “Thinkin’ of Lincoln” 30×40” Acrylic on Panel
16. “Red Wing” 8×10” Oil on Canvas Panel

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