Art Workshops

The Art Distillery will host a wide variety of art, craft, and photography workshops each year that you can join. We also invite groups or individuals to bring their creative retreats here, as we have a large studio available with a full kitchen and bath, plus a loft that includes a queen bed and sofa set. The Art Distillery loft—combined with the additional 4 beds available at our bed & breakfast called Wildflower Ranch Inn—can be a perfect location If you want to get away to the countryside for a new perspective with a group, or solo. It is a peaceful place for you to create new work. We can custom tailor your time with us, from meals to regional locations you can go for inspiration.

Below is our upcoming art workshop list

Larry Moore | Principles of Abstraction | July 2022

Randall Sexton | Plein Air Painting | September 2022

The Art Distillery