Cat’s Social Painting

We will launch on Dec. 20th with a Holiday Party…. bring Nibbles! A photo will be taken of you and you will sketch it on a 16 x 20″ canvas. When we return on Jan. 10th, you begin painting your face and features. On Jan. 17th, finish your face and paint the background. On Jan. 24th, you spin the dial to add your surreal ARTSY addition. (Which will incorporate a little green apple Magritte, or a cloud of monarch butterflies, a Vermeer pearl earring & some other surprises!)

1-3 pm on Dec. 20, 2023 &
Jan. 10, 17, 24, 2024

Limited to the first 12 sign-ups

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, join us for our next four-week painting creativity class.

— No Experience Preferred —

Cost $160. plus $15. material fee. (Each class cost is $40.) Snacks included. 

We will be happy to store your painting over the 4-week course

The $15 materials fee includes your canvas and supply of acrylic paint and brushes for your entire project.


Our next session begins Dec 20, 2023, register below

The Art Distillery